The Pragmatic Alumni Community Is Where Professionals Thrive

Learning never ends. That’s why your Product Management Certification from Pragmatic Institute is a golden ticket that opens doors to endless opportunities.

By joining Pragmatic’s alumni community, you gain access to a community of thousands of product experts, mentors and colleagues from around the world. You also gain access to exclusive events and master classes, all within an encouraging environment where the exchange of ideas, feedback, tactics and examples furthers your growth.

We are a community of impassioned product professionals working together to exchange the tools, examples and tactics for becoming the best product professionals we can be!

  • Join by Taking Foundations
  • Learn at your own pace and on your own time!
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  • $1,295 (USD) for the first course
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Why Attend?

How To Join

When you successfully pass your first Pragmatic Institute Product course, Foundations, you’re in.

Pragmatic Institute’s certifications are already sought-after all over the world, and they’re the best way to showcase your product expertise to your network. Joining Pragmatic’s alumni community means taking Foundations, the first step in our complete curriculum designed to help company build and market products that sell.

Pragmatic Certification

Product management and marketing jobs on websites like Indeed®, Monster® and CareerBuilder® routinely list Pragmatic Certified as a required or preferred attribute—and there’s only one way to get it. Learn More

The Course That Gives You Access


Foundations | Understanding the market and the problems it faces is key to creating and marketing products people actually want to buy. Foundations teaches you how to listen to the market, and then use that market knowledge to guide decisions, prioritize projects and drive results. Foundations is a prerequisite for most other Pragmatic Institute courses.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone who has a stake in the product’s success in the market.

What’s Covered?

Get everyone on the same page

Pragmatic Institute Framework helps teams speak the same language, better understand roles and responsibilities and collaborate more effectively.

Tune into the market

Stop talking about your opinion and start talking about your market. Learn practical techniques to identify the entire market, truly listen to it and become its messenger.

Uncover strategic opportunities

Use your market understanding to identify strategies that minimize risks and optimize results.

Key Deliverables

Pragmatic Framework, roles and responsibilities, gap analysis, positioning

Benefits of Joining the Alumni Community
  • Peer Cohort Groups: Connect with peers
    who have been in your shoes
  • Tools & Templates: Access the entire
    Pragmatic resource library
  • Real World Examples: Download work shared by fellow
    members and never start from scratch
  • No Question Left Behind: There’s a community team
    dedicated to connecting each Q to an A
  • Exclusive Events: Get invites to private masterclasses,
    workshops and book clubs
  • Instructor Access: Weekly office hours with Pragmatic
    instructors to review & expand what you’ve learned

  • — Anna Turner, Vice President Of Product Management, Paycor

    “"The best part of being a [community] member is the connection with others in the product world across industry to understand what they are trying, what's working and what's not, in order to maintain an outside-in perspective on market product practices. The challenges we face in product are not unique to our respective companies; I'm always amazed to find how my product peers in the [community] may have already found innovating ways to solve similar challenges."”

  • — Colin Thurmond, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bazaarvoice, Inc.

    “"I'm grateful to be involved in a group that is so willing and eager to help one another solve the challenges that our businesses face in changing global markets. I feel like any time I have a question or need to pressure-test a new idea then there is an incredibly intelligent and experienced group ready to offer their time and energy to one another."”

  • — Pam Bloom-Pugliese, Director, Senior Product Manager, MCG

    “"The [community] is an extremely talented and diverse group of professionals who truly support one another. In today's corporate atmosphere, finding a unicorn would probably be easier than finding a colleague who would support you at this level. I was shocked at how helpful and passionate everyone is. It is a space where you leave your company name, rank, and title at the door and ocme in to learn and share, openly and honestly, to help each other be better. It's quite rewarding on both sides, whether you're the ones asking for help, or supporting someone who is trying to learn the ropes. ”

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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I attend Foundations first?

Absolutely. Foundations is a prerequisite for all other product courses, and to join the Pragmatic Alumni Community.

What is included in the course fees?

Along with the course itself, your registration fee includes the optional certification exam at the end of the class. Plus, you'll get lifetime access to the award-winning Pragmatic Alumni Community (PAC), where you'll get access to all of the tools and templates from class, exclusive content and events, and access to product professionals and industry experts from around the world.

What is the Pragmatic Certification?

At the end of each of our courses, we offer an optional certification exam that tests what you’ve learned. If you pass with a score of 70% or higher, you become Pragmatic Certified in that class. Our certification badges tell the world about all the skills you’ve learned from taking our course.

What's the difference between taking Foundations live vs. on-demand?

The only real difference is that the Foundations On-Demand course is, well, on demand. You still get the same information, tools and techniques, and you can take the course at your own pace at any time of day. You even still have the ability to network with your peers—it will just be in a virtual setting instead of a live one.