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Business Strategy & Design

About the course: Business Strategy & Design was created for designers who want to confidently contribute to strategy conversations, connecting their design work to business outcomes. By learning how to align user-centered work to the advancement of business objectives, demonstrate return on investment, and strengthen cross-functional partnerships, designers can boost their influence. Who is this course for?

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Why Attend?

Increase your strategic impact as a designer

Pragmatic Design learning experiences are created by design practitioners and instructional designers—with a focus on collaborative exercises, interactive learning, and practical application.

Business Strategy & Design was developed in partnership with Pragmatic Institute’s Design Advisory Board. This group of experts brings a real-world lens to strategic design. They have a passion for design advocacy, human-centered innovation and for building the next generation of design leaders.

Designers who want to better connect their work to the big picture and showcase the value of design will greatly benefit from this course.

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Pragmatic Design certifications help designers stand out from the crowd. Our certifications enable alumni to easily share their strategic design skills with their networks.

Course Info

Business Strategy & Design

To earn a seat at the strategy table, gain a grounding in business context that you can connect to your craft. This course ensures that designers will understand, measure and communicate how design impacts the bottom line.

Who should take Business Strategy & Design

Designers across practices (e.g., service design, product design, and design research) who experience disconnects with stakeholders and who want to advocate for users while supporting business goals.

What’s covered?

  • Translate your company’s business strategy into design priorities. Better understand business goals and decisions and apply them to your work.
  • Communicate the business value of design. Speak the language of your stakeholders, tying design work to business success.
  • Balance desirability and viability. Contextualize user needs for stakeholders and show them how serving the user will advance business objectives.
  • Measure design impact. Develop metrics for the value and ROI of your design work.

Course Testimonials

What your peers are saying

“I loved everything about Business Strategy & Design; it was valuable and fun. The course helps you better understand how to align with business needs and partners, speak the same language and manage expectations in both directions. Now, in early conversations with project teams, I can actually inject my understanding and perspective and start to influence what the strategy might be. I also found the small collaboration sessions incredibly helpful for networking, as they gave me an opportunity to have conversations with like-minded designers who are going through the same situations.”

— Matt Russell, Experience Design Senior Manager at Pfizer

“Business Strategy & Design shows how design tools can be applied to business and product goal setting. The emphasis on using design skills to solve internal communication, prioritization and cross-functional problems—not just product ones—was a really helpful takeaway. And the through-line of examples made it feel pragmatic.”

— Eric Bell, Principal Product Designer at Vineti

“I liked the structure of this course—connecting business strategy to tactical design work. It reminded me that I need to be thinking about the big picture business strategy, not just the product itself. There are also plenty of examples in the course which helps with understanding.”

Tianqi “CoCo” Feng, Lead Product Designer at Stitch Fix

Pragmatic Institute’s design practice empowers designers to contribute strategically. Designers will extend their reach by combining business acumen with user advocacy to uncover new opportunities to create value and strengthen partnerships.


Frequently asked questions…

What is Business Strategy & Design?

This course enables designers to augment their design skill set with the business acumen and fluency they need to contribute more strategically.

What are the benefits of private training?

Private training for Business Strategy & Design provides immersive, hands-on practice with the skills that matter for expanding the influence of design in your organization. Pragmatic Institute offers live online training for teams who want to engage with instructors in real time without the hassle of travel. There is also an onsite option for corporate training clients who want to bring their team together in person.

What's the Cancellation Policy?

Full refunds (minus a $25 USD registration fee) will be provided to Customers who cancel eight calendar days or more prior to the course date. Customers canceling or transferring to another course between one to seven calendar days prior to the course date will not be eligible for a refund. These Customers will, however, be given an opportunity to attend another course within 12 months of the original course date for a rescheduling fee of $150 USD per course. Customers who fail to attend without providing notice will be charged the total fee of all course days for which they have registered. Substitutes are permitted. A substitute is defined as one individual attending the entire duration of the consecutive course days in lieu of the original Customer.

Are Pragmatic Design courses right for me?

This course is built for design professionals across practices. If you work with stakeholders and want to elevate your storycraft or that of your design team, this course is for you.


Please let us know how we can help you fully participate in the course at 480-515-1411, or send us an email [email protected]